Featured analog illustration
Commercial Illustration
Production design and Storyboards

Commercial analog illustration.
Doing things the old fashion way presents a certain look which is difficult to produce with a computer. Mihalyo Studios produces artwork which is appropriate to the end result of the project. Represented here is a selection of manual art produced by Mihalyo Studios

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Skagit River Brewing Co.
Skagit Brown Ale
Skagit Gold
High Water Porter
Yellow Jacket
Trumpeter Stout
Trumpeter Stout -final
6pack container

CD jewl cases
Wishing Pill
Dusty Haze

Commercial Illustration
Open Spaces Cover
Stranger Cover
Art Access Cover
Identity Graphics

Scientific / Historic
America's Blood Centers
1939 Worlds Fair
Faberge Portrate
Hope Diamond Inset

Post Meyham

All images unless otherwise stated © Jeff Mihalyo