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These games where created for a variety of Nintendo web sites. Chances are they now exist on-line only here. They are fun and rather addictive. Enjoy...

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Donkey Kong


mallow Roast -208k


Melon Mayh
em* -208k

No Miss*

Rake 'em in*

Roll Call*

Dinky Dink* -268k

Robo Dog
* -196k

All games used here
for portfolio purposes only
in accordance with
US Copyright Law.
Contact Nintendo
for more information.
Games for Nintendo's  "Camp Hyrule"
1999 and 2000
©Nintendo and ©Pop! Multimedia
Illustration and production art by Jeff Mihalyo
Programming by Andreas Vogt

  *Games for Nintendo's Marioparty2.com site
©Nintendo and ©Pop! Multimedia.
Illustration and production art by Jeff Mihalyo.
Programming by TJ Holleran

All images unless otherwise stated © Jeff Mihalyo