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These projects represent years of thinking about on-line delivery of graphical content. Produced for a variety of reasons, these web sites and their content are original creations of Mihalyo Studios.

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The Adventures of Bubble Annie
 The T.A.B.A. project is a kids product
   many years in the making.
    In short The Adventures of Bubble Annie is
     a series of stories about a girl who rescues
     her friends from trouble with the use
     of bubble gum.

      Somnambulist Primate (under construction)
      Somnambulist Primate is an on-line comic
      about a schizophrenic character, who has trouble
     with keeping reality straight.

     Exquisite Worlds
     Exquisite Worlds is an on-line project
    designed after the surrealist game called
   Exquisite Corps.

 Works of fine art by Jeff Mihalyo.

All images unless otherwise stated © Jeff Mihalyo